Qatar’s Internet restrictions came as a surprise to most people because the government has always maintained an open front when it came to their content and neighboring counties.

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However, more and more citizens are starting to complain about Internet restrictions, which are keeping them from enjoying the great online content. Although there is no report on specific Internet surveillance on the Internet in Qatar, a report by Reporters Without Borders says the government censors the Internet through a proxy server that monitors and blocks inappropriate websites that are accessed through the ISPs in Qatar.

A VPN for Qatar is a simple workaround to access blocked sites and protect your data on the net.

Best VPN Rating created a list of the best VPNs to use in Qatar that will serve to bypass the restrictions:

  1. ExpressVPN. It will not improve Qatar’s position in the rating of Reporters Without Borders, but people who surf the Internet with a Qatari IP address will be less restricted online.
  2. CyberGhost Pro. Hurry up to test this VPN in Qatar, as it is possible to do it free of charge if you have an Android, Mac or iOS gadget.
  3. NordVPN. There is no VPN that could be compared with Nord in terms of server location. There are more than 5100 servers placed all around the world.
  4. VyPrVPN. Forget about the fake news when browsing the World Wide Web with VyPrVPN. Besides, one can change servers as many times as one likes.
  5. IPVanish. Why not make use of IPVanish VPN if you are looking for the fastest VPN. Thanks to its servers, you will not experience buffers or lags while streaming.

ILQ explained how VPNs protects your online activity.

The principle behind any VPN is to create private communication channels (tunnels) that would connect you to the Internet securely. Security is ensured by the fact that the entire data in the traffic is encoded following strong encryption protocols which are incredibly hard and tiresome to decrypt. Consequently, all your outgoing and ingoing traffic becomes inaccessible to other parties and especially to your government (but also to hackers and the ISP).

An additional layer of security is ensured by the fact that you connect to the Internet via dedicated VPN servers and take the physical IPs of these servers in the process. Given that these servers can also be located in other countries, you can access the Internet as users in the respective countries do, entirely bypassing the content restrictions imposed in Qatar. While doing so, also stay assured that your online identity is reliably hidden from any third party who might want to spy on you.

While top VPN services usually manage to combine high access speed with strong encryption, you might still be willing to choose a provider according to strict preset priorities. is a good place to start exploring the available features and to help you settle with a specific VPN provider.

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